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I'll be moving to :iconcrossexe:

Thanks everyone for 4 years on this account.
Sup guys! Hisashiburi! I never post or anything, but for like, the three people that still follow this account, I wanted to write in that I'm finally back from Japan.  Got here about 5 days ago, reality is finally starting to sink in.  I've been in a medium sized town about an hour from Osaka for the last 11 and a half months, starting from last August.   I lived with a four Japanese families and attended a normal Highschool for almost the entire time I was there.

My last day in Japan... the 26th, was the best, the worst, the longest, and the most exhausting day of my life.  Saying goodbye to all my friends, family, and teachers at the airport that came to wish me off was the hardest thing I've done in my 17 years, and then from then on, that hellish 24 hour trip home on 3 flights, carting my incredibly heavy luggage through customs and immigrations... while trying to process the events going underway.

And finally I'm... back... home(?)

It's really... weird. There's no way I can sum up this last year.... I can't imagine never riding a bike, train, and bus all in the same morning to school - bringing a bento for lunch - getting into my school uniform- playing ninjas with my host bro -  doodle trades of handsome history sensei with friends during class- complaining about Rotary with my host mom - singing songs about cake in Danish while trying to shake off dirty old men- trying to get slippery tofu out of hotpot with chopsticks- beating my Japanese friends to places by knowing every shortcut on bike in the entire city- being surrounded by Kanji and Japanese everywhere - getting my cheeks pinched whenever I skipped/was late/slacked off in Ancient Japanese- having that long sailor collar flipped over my head while trying to nap in class - sprawling over multiple desks/peopl chatting between periods- and soo much more - again.

I'm happy to meet all my friends and everything in the US, truly.  But I left so many behind.

Japan was a lovely country, but at the same time,  was a HARD deal - the language is among the most difficult for English speakers to learn, the culture is incredibly 'nice to your face'' 'non confrontational' hard to break into, and there isn't a lot of play / party culture at all.  It took me a long time to finally make really good friends, and be able to communicate, converse, and read.  A  lot of my fellow exchangers had a lot of trouble with the country and ended up wishing they'd would have gone elsewhere.  [Which just shows to go that it's definitely not a place to be idealized, weeaboo crowd. I had a full ride connections with my program- moving there alone as an adult would suck.] I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the life of a high schooler in a foreign culture,  and I ended up in Japan.  I wouldn't have minded France or Belgium, or Thai or Taiwan though- it was just an amazing chance.

But because of circumstances, I guess I fell head over heels. It took a while to get there, but I really love Japan.  I can't wait to go back.  I miss it, and everyone there terribly. It feels like I left something important of myself behind, and I've wondered more than once why I did something that would just end in so many goodbyes and heartbreaks.  But, now, I have two hometowns, two languages, two cultures, 3 new families, (4th was a bitch.) friends around the globe, and a zillion crazy experiences.

It's been a good year.

Anyway, there was some stuff that were all WHOAH. when I got back.  Here's my REVERSE CULTURES SHOCKK. america
-FAT PEOPLE. EXIST. YOU FORGOT. I once went to an all you can eat icecream / cake / pasta / sweets bar in Tennoji called 'Sweets Paradise.'  No one in the entire shop was overweight, and little Japanese girls eating their weight in cake.
-WHITEPEOPLEEVERYWHERE??!!!?!?!?!?!!!  So many colors, shapes, sizes....
-Why are there these big expanses of just grass and stuff?  What was that again? Lawn?
-Houses and cars are HUGE
-Why are people chatting you up in line...?  How forward....
-Not really... stylish.  I mean, t-shirt and jeans on every gender, size, and age.
-Signs and stuff are not all SPARKLY and CUTE and KAWAII and LOUD and just generally ATTENTION ATTRACTING WITH ENOUGH COLORS TO MAKE A RAINBOW SEIZURE. Kind of a relief.
-People in shops do not have highpitched little girl screams. telling you to come in.
-Commercials do not involve choreographed line dances of people in strange costumes
-There isn't a comedy /variety show on every channel
-Bread is icky.  The selection in the convenience store is poor. Milk is watery. Suddenly the Asian food section at the grocery store seems really small. That's a whole fucking continent, Albertsons.
-Hamburgers O : !
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Hey guys, this is Salice!

I don't post enough to really be overly memorable anymore, but for the few of you still looking out, [thanks for the comments / notes ♥ ] you may remember I went to Japan last August as an exchange student.  Well, still here, and with any luck, will remain here for until July 26th.  Although I live in a coastal town and we did get the Tsunami, damage was minimal and I live about 200 miles from the seriously affected areas.  Although I haven't yet done an exact measurement, I believe I'm somewhere between 350-400 miles of the unstable nuclear power plant.

So, safe, sound, and not yet a mutant. Sorry to disappoint!

I don't feel like I'm in any danger, physically or of being sent home, as even in the worst case scenario, as the probability of dangerous levels of radiation reaching where I live are very low and my parents and organization seem understanding. But I'm one of the lucky ones, as half the exchange students from my district already have flights planned home. And for reference, my district is about half of Osaka and then my prefecture, so we're all about in the same place.

However, my best and only close English speaking friend [A Dane, from Denmark, to be precise] here also looks to be on the fast track home, as the nuclear situation gets worse and the hysteria in Scandinavia / Europe rises - Sweden, France, and German sects of my Exchange Program have already requested all students leave country, and it's not exactly a big step for Denmark to jump on board. Furthermore, her counselor and parents want her home.  All it takes is one. Little. Wrong turn with the power plant. One. Little. Turn.  One. Minuscule. Excuse to send her home.

And then, of course, if all breaks loose theres still the chance I'll be on an airplane home before that magical July date.

Also INB4 anyone asks if I felt the quake; no.   However, not unlike 9/11, it will be something that I will remember where I was and what I was feeling when I heard about it. I will always remember watching the death toll tick up on the news for about 3 days straight, watching it go from just another Earthquake to a full out catastrophe, and just the feeling it's cast over this whole country.

And for any of you wonder, the point of my exchange program is complete immersion - living with Japanese families, to a Japanese school, Japan 24/7! and this country has become a little bit mine these past 7 months. I dare you to find a bigger weeaboo than me, assholes.

This just sucks. *日本を抱く* ; __ ;

With that in mind, artists on DA have been so compassionate with Japan, so I just wanted to say thanks to all those artists out there drawing for donations.  The North East has just gotton SO clobbered. And although I do find the pray for Japan campaign sufficiently ironic, the hearts in the right place.

A-anyway report, SAL OVER N OUT
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Have any of you ever ranted and raged about all those annoying wapanese who speak so kawaii, blowing off steam about how Japan wasn't like anime and they should get a life?  Because I hear it a lot.  Question, have any of you who have actually been to Japan?


Don't get me wrong, the last time I was a flaming weeaboo was age 10, when I thought chobits and fruits basket were the most sugoii things ever. My friend and I had an OC named baka something something who had tricolored hair, cat ears and tail, and wore cosplay. This phase lasted an entire month.

And I'm not really defending the THATS KAWAIIIIII DESU NE =^.^= crowd, but at the same time, how many of the people pointing their noses at the ceiling... been to Japan in a non tourist way? Or even at all?

Because... lmao..






Well, no, but still.

I just think it's all funny....  all them hating around. My fairly short impression so far of living in Japan as a normalish school girl, it does seem to be a lot like anime. The core behaviors and customs demonstrated in Anime and manga have so far been pretty accurate.  Even the exaggerated personas seem a little bit on track with all these giggly Japanese girls and swaggering boys. [Not to the extent of anime, but still]

In my opinion, the mistake in the way of thinking is not an inherent misconception of what these core behaviors are, but the failure to realize that they are neither especially endearing, amazing, or different.
No, it's like, uh, life.  

Also, I never believed it in books, but making a zillion mistakes, getting lost, and generally being a burden to everyone IS actually a good method for making friends!  Hooray! I feel like bella! Now, Asian Edward, come to me! [Brick'd]

OPS for those who don't know I'm in Japan for my Junior year of Highschool with Rotary Youth Exchange.

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Hey guys! Come visit :iconakirakirai: :iconayichii: and I in the exhibitor's hall this coming sakuracon ! * 0*

I'll be dishing out chibis by the dozen and the other two will be peddling their beauteous wares as well.  I'll also be doing in con commissions but I have ADD and usually end up finishing only about 2 and refunding one. OTL So come quick if you want one.

We will be <- ERE [note realistic drawing of us three beautiful ladies]  I'll be the 100% caucasian mutt one with freakishly long blonde hair.

Come say hiiii..!

and wish me luck that I won't lose money dragging myself and 2 dependents along ; u ;

also, in other news, I am now officially 16.  But considering I went errr... hiatusy emo this last year and didn't draw much, I consider it to be a SHEER WASTE OF A YEAR [though but I hope to pursue art with more zeal this year, we'll see if that's possible in Japan]
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Firstly, I can draw animu. This, in turn, lets me putter around to anime conventions and make bank. I am thus already the envy of the weeaboo population of the school, to a certain extent.

Oh, but wait it gets better.

I just got my country placement for my student exchange, which will start in August 2010 and end in June, 2011. Previously, I had thought- nay- been told- that I was to go to France, but then I had to switch clubs and France was thrown in to question and then obliterated, like a plate victimized by a gaudy cowboy.

I received a call today from a nice gentlemen today.

I'm going to Japan.



Of course, I only have the typical weeaboo mockers repertoire of vocabulary. Kawaii desu, konnitchiwa, and sayonara.  Oh books, we will be great friends, I know it.  

This, is, good! I would be excited for France, of course. But I've realized, in the process of hyping myself for exchange over the last 3 weeks, that the only real reason I was going to France was because I already had some language down and the art aspects. [Louvre!] J'aime la langue, oui, mais.... in the end, I'd rather learn Japanese than French, fin. And Japanese would be more useful overall, considering I'd like to go into business, law, or computers. And FINALLY, don't shoot me, but I do love the anime art style and I'm sure that weaves it's way into there as well. Regardless, I'm ridiculously excited!

Better get studying soon, though. Kanji fmllll
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Sorry for late!

here is my characters I hope they suffice


Info Midas is my general all around doodle character.  In unreality reality, he is a rather boring partime secretary poor college kid, who when combined with below character forms a duo of general ludicrousy.  However! Feel free to do whatever hell you want like, seriously. Have fun. Consult the first two refs for general guidlines.   The second set is what I tend to do when I get bored and other's.
Info hee if my first char turns your stomach, ofc you need an alteranative but im kind of in the middle of changing this design.... so feel free to change this characters hair to black, cut the back of his hair really, really short, and tone down the two tone hair to more of a subtle gradient. Bangs approximately the same, a bit shorter maybe... The design is from when I was 12 lol, but if it as is suits your fancy go for it. WEABOO GOOOO
As for general info, he is the epitimy of sleaseysleazeball lawyerdom!  He enjoys harrassing his secretary to no end and drags him to harrowing, ususally illegal adventures ! ofc midas rather loathes him but atleast its never boring!

Alternatives Being as lame as my characters are, Heine from dogs, Yoite from Nabari no Ou, and Frankenstein from Noblesse are acceptable alternatives. IF you have read their respective manga.
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  Hi guys. This is sal.  You have not seen one of these journals in a long time.
This was because I always felt like I had nothing to say. Or that I had nothing to say that could possibly be important enough to waste your time on. But as my dissociation with art grows, I find myself caring less. Coupling this with my perpetual inactivity means only a few people will bother to read this, and presumably only those care.  

  So here is an update on Salice. Not just on Salice ART, which is what most of you are here for, but Salice. Thus if you don't care about Salice the person, it would be a wise idea to stop reading. As it's rather long.

  And please understand when you read this, how not normal my thinking style is.   I am starting to suspect I have moderate case of a certain personality disorder that causes inordinate feelings of worthlessness and fear or rejection. I'm simply informing you because that my actions will not make sense unless you read this under the presumption that I have it.

  I find myself unable to actually return to Deviantart, a site I have many friends on and once had much enthusiasm for.  I keep following a cycle since my birthday last year. It goes like this.
1) Disgust at self for unappealing art, ect, causes salice to yank gallery and/or go into hiding for weeks or months
2) Salice finally makes something that is sort of worth showing. She posts it, and becomes active.
3) Activity lasts as long as it takes sal to dislike the picture she just posted. She goes back to being a hermit, only perusing comments and sometimes deviations, not saying much.
4) Sal yanks gallery, see step 1
5) Wash, rinse, repeat.

  Cyclical inactivity! Most frustrating!

  It all stems down to a few factors. First, as I mentioned, worthlessness, and second- lack of time.

  First- cause of the cycle. Slowly as my watchers grew, the pressure to have what I said be worthwhile grew for me.  I didn't want to be annoying. Bombard you with retarded journals or spam-worthy pictures.  Thus, I started saying less, posting less, till activity ceased as NOTHING was worth saying anymore.

  But that's not the case lately!  Lack of time plays far more into it. See- I joined debate, and it is one hell of a time suck.  It eats my weekdays and weekends, and leaves me sleep deprived for the rest of it.  I'll get home at 5:30, 6 oclock, on weekdays and then I have to eat with my family, practice violin and do homework, and that leaves almost no time.  An hour maybe.  Sometimes less. But no time to sit down and really draw at all, and I'm just so tired! I never do anything. And don't even get me started on the weekends.  I don't even have time to sleep on tournament weekends.

  Next, debate ate me and then vomited me back up looking far worse than when I went down.  I was first very into debate, excited for it and all the friends I had made, but my dissociation has since grown with it as well.  A few weeks ago, I learned that someone I long thought was friendly/neutral was quite annoyed by me, which shook me up some. I'm the kind of person who is deathly afraid of annoying people or being a burden.  I know there will always be SOMEONE(s) out of a team of 40 that doesn't like me, but this event wrecked the miniscule amount of confidence I had in my ability to judge whether I am even wanted or not.  And now I want to quit, rejecting them all and show them that if I'm so useless to them, how useless they are to me-
  But I won't.
  That would be stupid.
  One person, two, doesn't mean I don't have friends or that everyone on my team hates me. But I still want to.

  Regardless, I now have a dilemma, not just in art, but in my actual person.  I was forced to mostly drop art to participate in this debate sport, and thus stopped justifying my existence through art.  But since my actual debate ability seems to actually be getting worse, it's impossible to try to justify myself through debate.  And because my confidence to tell people's opinions of me is shot, can't use people!

  Thus, what is our conclusion?  How can I rationalize existing now? Quite simply, I can't. If you add up all the columns, they all lead to the unequivocal conclusion-
  As a person, I am currently worthless. Utterly so.

  And so here I cling to the final prospect; potential energy. The future, the doors open for me, the person I will be later. This is not as hard as it sounds, because!

  Next week!
  Next tournament!
  Next summer!
  Next schoolyear!

Next school year!

  An prochain, mes amis!

  Since September, I have been subjected through interviews, 16 page applications, questionnaires- all with one goal.  

  Getting the heck out of here.  Yes, Sal is following in her friend emby-masterofdoom's footsteps and jumping the sinking S.S. USA to be an exchange student in France. [Hopefully. France isn't set in stone yet.]  I leave in 9 months, to return June of 2011

  Ridiculous! Do you know how much French I know? LOL. 2 years, man, nothing.

  I am so excited to scare the shit out of myself. You wouldn't believe.
Despite the fact that I think that being an exchange student will only exacerbate my general sense of worthlessness, it's still something to look forward to.  And after that. I have senior year and mad rush for college.  No stopping for me.

  Anyway. That's my outlook right now.  

As for art, I plan on pumping out some Christmas shit for my much neglected friends. Watch for it.
  After that, I have no intention of building up another to do list.  I have ANNIHILATED IT over the last 3 months, bitches! And once January comes, I will owe NOTHING.  I plan to pick up a project for myself.  Maybe finally go for that web comic I have written and rewritten and rewritten for 2 years.  But either way, I'm going to be looking at my schedule and consciously figuring out how I can make myself work on art more even with debate,  if just a little bit a day.

TY all, wish me luck in getting back in on art! I'm not really looking for attention, [as attention generally makes me feel terrible for wasting your time by being so slutty that you feel the need to cheer me up or whatever. And yes, it IS a waste of time, because you never have an effect on me.]
I'm just informing those who kind of wondered what happened to me where I went and what I plan to do.


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Hi everyone from Otakucon! This is salice, the chick with realy, really long hair and the wingy headband. I wanted to say that thanks for all the support and that it was a really amazing couple of days! I made enough at that con to cover all of production costs and travel fees for dollycon, so thankyouuu !

  Those of you from otaku con, could you please tell me who you are? I got a lot of watches over those 2 days, and I totally have no idea who everyone is, LOL. |D;;;;;

In case you were wondering, the social bunny that was wearing neon and sitting at the table w/me was allison, or :iconemby-masterofdoom:

Also routinely behind the table was uhh ...Kori, who's username I forgot. Snap.


Anyway, I'm off to Bellevue for dollycon tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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So I'm going to a BJD/lolitafashion convention in Bellevue, WA, in 2 weeks to draw pretty dolls and hang out with the-vanity-light and berylllium

while I do have a bunch of anime art, I haven't drawn anything geared towards BJDs or the Lolita style- so, if you've a character or BJD and you don't mind me producing art with the intent to reproduce and commercially sell it, show them to me ! C:  I'm looking to do a few chibis, maybe a nice lineart, and some sketches for commission samples

thank you ; o ;

(I've no problem putting a  (char (c) [insert name here] on the larger pieces, and I can even attempt to fit credit onto the chibis, though I'm not exactly sure how that'll look]
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It was like a movie. The cops... er, my dad, knocking on the door.
"I'm afraid we have some bad news for you..."

of course, in a movie, I wouldn't have said "huhhgggggnnnnmmmmmmm" in my best imitation of someone who was, in all reality, still asleep.

My Wacom Graphire4 tablet pen, now nearly three years old...

is dead.

Alas, even if it hadn't been washed, I don't think it would have lasted all that long... the end part was fried, the pen prone to separating itself into multiple pieces, the nib on the end eroded from use, and it had a large crack running down one side...
WELL REGARDLESS.  Don't expect any digital art out of me right now.  And I'm not sure what to do. I could attempt to find a new one, but my model is old... or I could just get a new tablet entirely?

You know, perhaps it's time for an upgrade, you.  Even those bamboo fun that everyone and their mother has these days are better than my cute little graphire 4.  But then again, trying to find a pen would definitely be cheaper. If the bamboo pen works on graphire as advertised, I'd have to spend less than 30 bucks. But do I want to spend another 3 years on this teeny little tablet?


None of you would happen to have an old wacom graphire4 that you no longer use, would you?  Any chance we could talk about my purchasing it?

Salice is jumping on a plane to texas in 4 hours, btw. To Dallas!
Also, she managed to make the debate team! Yayyy! About... uhhh... 26 people tried out this year for 6 spots, and somehow I convinced them that I deserved to be on by getting up in front of the crowd and screaming at the debate teachers and other attemptees "MY MIND IS SENDING URGES DOWN MY SPINAL CORD THAT ARE COMMUNICATING WITH MY INTENSE DESIRE TO UNLEASH ALL MY FURY IN THE FORM OF A CHUCK NORRIS ESQUE FIST INTO YOUR UNDENIABLY DISTASTEFUL CARWRECK OF A HUMAN FACE"  (Which is emby-masterofdoom's translation of a german word meaning "a fist in need of a face)

Oh, well, there was a 3 minute speech accompanying that, but I'm sure that's what got me on. uhuh.
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PICTURES.  Sakuracon, my first convention! And... my first artist alley.

Yes, it was both.  Which... was... interesting, since I had NO idea what people sold, or how they produced it, or how they set it up, how they took commissions, ect. That. Not. NOT THE BEST DECISION.


<img src="" border="0" a">
:iconemby-masterofdoom: helped but...

I drew 28 different kinds, I think. Made about... 250 before the convention? Not counting the 25 Emby sold at school and the 10 I sold and gave away.

Dragged along writer lackey and friend :iconemby-masterofdoom:, where we met up with table partner :iconthe-vanity-light:.

  The drive to seattle was a pain, 5 hours, and we were busily making keychains and business cards for much of it.  

Here's our table. I got no picture of our Kim's side SOB SOB SOB SOB, she's AMAZING. Scroll way down for some cool stuff she made for me IT'S BADASS. You can see a few of her figures up there though.

EW IT'S ME. oTL I'm a tad camera shy, but all our booth pictures include me.  I... practically never left OHO.

Complete board of chibis:
<img src="" border="0"</u>

<img src="" border="0"
^ROCKER JESUS.  Need I say more?

<img src="" border="0"
go read majin tantei nougami neuro guyz plz

<img src="" border="0"
DUDE this kid was cool.
He walks  by with this 5x5 rubix cube he bought, and it's completely incomplete.  We point it out and talk for awhile, then 10 minutes later he comes back and it's COMPLETELY DONE. WTF OMG STUPID GENIUS AZN KIDS UGHHH.
We tried to give him free stuff, haha, but he wouldn't take it.  He was so shy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
</u> :iconsalice-is-an-idiot: IN HER SMOKING HOT HOME DEPOT MONEY BELT trying to do commissions standing up because :iconnuna: stole her seat.
AHHHH LOOK THEY'RE SO TINY and cute. She just sat there and made these things FFFF I tried to make one
You have to have appreciation for that talent, the little pieces of hair are soooo miniscule and the glasses are made of hairthin strands of clay that she rolled and put on with her freakin fingers. HERFINGERS. Wahhhhh howww do you doooo thaaat
I owe her so much more art /sob
But she's so cool! Even though she was shorter than me, and... constantly made short jokes... WTF HOW DOES THAT WORK

I also traded keychains and sobbingly bought merchandise from :iconkorilin:, and we sat next to :iconlannysu: and her boyfriend who managed to put up with our very loud and energetic table for the entire convention. I'm sorry! Your art is beautiful.
We also sat next to :iconbluessence: who is... amazing... but I never talked to her.  She sorta sat there and looked melancholy for most of the convention and I was in the middle;; we were so loud.  I feel sorry for her.

Furthermore, I'm not sure how it happened, but we adopted :iconnuna: for a while, she's was so ninja.  She kept just... appearing, and it would take us a few minutes to notice and it'd be all WHOAH. she lent me her copics. A-AND YOU ARE 19 ARE YOU KIDDING ME;;; Thanks for the cheeb!

I got to spend some time with :iconcheckered-fedora: who is very interesting and very intense.  I got completely lectured, probably should not have insinuated she would throw away the prints I gave her as soon as she was out of sight. HM.
She also drew my OC in an amazing pose of BUTTSWOOSH, then described it in the most hilarious way. I collapsed in giggles and turned bright red, but it's awsum.

Met :iconakirakirai: as well!  Ahhhh she drew me a cheeb standing up, and it's adorable.  I'll draw for you sometime;;; ! blargh

UGH so much more happened, so many pictures.  I ended up selling 350-400 keychains at 3 dollars each, though prints suffered because there were some seriously amazing artists there.   I have a bunch of commissions from before and after to do now, so no relaxation ugh.  Furthermore, if any of you love me and would like me to send you a book :iconemby-masterofdoom: and I collaborated on, they're uhhh 12 bucks for shipping and the book?  Also, if any of the keychains interest you, they're 3 dollars each or 2 for 5. 8DDD

... WAIT CON SWAG.  I spent like, 65 bucks.  And I'm really cheap SOB.
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that I'm officially now too old to be interesting

but then it sucks too, since now I have to actually get good at art instead of relying on my age to get attention


Since everyone forgot, (except emby-masterofdoom who wrote me an awesome story ilu and my parents who gave me a pair of scissors. wtf.) now I can officially guiltrip my friends into cutting out all my merchandise for the con


ALSO I went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens (…) with emby-masterofdoom because the guy who plays House MD voices the cockroach and LOL emby was the tallest one in the theatre, I swear. (a few of the little kids were taller than me ORZ)

IT WAS REALLY BAD LOL. but the cockroach was awesome XD

well, back to mass producing chibis.

after this con is over, you all are going to do artrades and KHR/majin tantei nougami neuro/okami/HouseMD collabs with me and stuff right 8DDD
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So a friend of mine.... or more accurately...
this creepy guy I know finished with his 2 year long rpg project!

:iconprojectbc: :iconprojectbc: :iconprojectbc: :iconprojectbc:
Even if games aren't your thing LOOK LOOK LOOK…
...TEEHEE. I might have had a hand in this.

Please do check it out and potentially leave a comment or review. And if you did like it, the second chapter has been estimated to be released early january next year, so watch watch... !

Unbiased reviewtiem: it's pretty fun after you get past the town part. The writing for the main character and a side character named Weapon amuses me to no end, and there's quite a few character customization options for leveling your characters.  PLUS the battles are fun because (check this out) there's this cool little visual display thingy on the right of the screen that shows you who's going to attack next. With pictures.


A few of them are actually hard, though.  I died. The first real battle. SOB. and again later.

I'll have to say that my personal experience was most enhanced by skipping all the explanatory text and whining to the creator (who is on my msn) that I couldn't figure out what was going on and making him babysit me through it... teehee

Also :iconterroreffect: is in need of help, and if you haven't heard about this yet, you live in the DA equivelent of a hole. Go offer her your support, if you can ...?
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thankyou ; 0 ; !!

to kamizuki for the suggestion, Majnouna for the feature, and anyone who faved, commented, or watched because of it!

wow, so unexpected :iconorzplz:

in other news, I am sick and I cannot think straight.
head spinning...
sakuracon so soon I am so not ready...
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The way I think is totally whacked nowadays. It's almost as if. well.

My time and art is worth absolutely nothing to me?

It's like; I'll have just spent 4 and a half hours on a commission. And at the very end, I'll look down upon it. And think.

They'll think that they're wasting their money.
They'll regret ordering from me.

Afterall, I wouldn't pay for this."

or I'll be looking at a print I'm working on for sakuracon, and end up giving up because I simply cannot comprehend why anyone would want to buy it. Afterall, I wouldn't.

SAKURACON IS IN TWO EFFING MONTHS, and I do not have time to be in this rut.  Worse still, I've been in it for a long time, for ages it seems like.  But it hasn't mattered, since I've been able to just do art for free or cancel all my gaia commissions. BUT NOW. RL COMMISSIONS. CON PRINTS. The stakes have raised and I'm no longer allowed to just cancel.

This branches into many areas of my life, too, not just art. I can't stand it when people waste their money on me at restaurants, I can barely stand to spend my parents money at all(when I was 7, I once gave back part of my allowance to help my financially stable parents "pay the bills". WTF kind of kid does that.)

This concept also applies to time; it's why I never write journals and only submit when I've spent forever on something. I feel like I owe you for looking at it, for reading this, FOR TALKING TO ME ARGH. /wrist

  I don't know what to do and I'm getting a bit freaked out;;; I don't know how to approach this at alllll and I'm really running out of time.
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1) Chibi sketch mangakaluna
2) Chibi couple inks Quisik
3) Fullbody inks Kafai

Gaia: (closed indefinately.)

1) Suki daiyo
2) Yongi

Slots are CLOSED.  Scroll down for info on wait list~


1) All prices are in US currency.
2) Paypal is preferred, but cash order is potentially acceptable for commissions over 10&.
3) Payment is required at time of order.
4) You may ask for WIPs. I will probably not show them without prompting.
5) If you purchase linearts, I'm fine with you coloring them or anyone else coloring them.
6) You may order multiple pictures on each slot.
7) Gay, lesbian, and hetero couples are acceptable.
8) Anthro is acceptable for lineart, but lineart only.
9) Part mecha is acceptable.
10) Talk to me about adding animals, mythical creatures.

  All images will be scanned, photoshopped, and sent at a relatively high resolution. I will be working to keep the photoshopping down to a minimum and create clean art. I will mail originals upon request.
The money I earn from this will be directed towards either buying art supplies or my college fund.

Lines:… (a bit old)…


Chibi: 6 $
Halfbody: 10 $
Fullbody: 20 $
couples x2

(These samples are old and do not fully represent my current skill level. )……


Chibi: 4 $
Halfbody 7 $
Fullbody 15 $
couples x2

Lined CG


Chibi: 13 $
Halfbody: 20 $
Fullbody: 35 $
BG + 6 $
couples x2

Please note me with your order and character refs if you're interested; <33


If you'd like a slot but missed out this time, I have a wait list.  Upon request, I'll add your name to it.  When you get to the top of that list and I decide to open a slot, I'll PM you to give you first dibs on it. Also, if you know which medium, (cg, sketch, lineart) please say so in your request. (For instance, I'm more likely to open lineart and sketch slots than CG.)

If you are one of the 3 people that I promised to note/PM about RL slots when they opened, I'M SO SORRY; I forgot who you were >>;; /idiot  I'm writing them down now.
Remind me, and I'll give you a slot if you still want one.
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Thanks for all the support this year.  My resolution is to not disappoint. C: Onwards to 2009!

[That is all. You can delete this from the message centre now.]
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So; what do you think?  Do you need talent to be truly good at drawing/similar activities? Or do you just need to put in an ungodly amount of practice?
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It's true.  I'm in love.  Madly in love.

He's beautiful.  

The most beautiful think I've ever touched.

I got me a laptop.

His name is duke.

he has a 17" screen, and is shiny and fat and pretty and fast and heavy and wonderful and he is mine.  Toshiba.  4GB ram.  320GB hardrive. Ect. Ect.
Good riddance, my old, terrible, incompetent spontaniously rebooting desktop with your 20 pound box moniter from 1998!

Hello beautiful.

My parents helped me buy it for my christmas gift, and for other reasons.  It's for art. <3

I am verrry grateful that I have him.

11 things on my to do list.
down from 17 about a 5 days ago c:  I'm killing it off, kapwing !


I got a table !  I'm soooooooo excited.   It's a big con, and there were only 25 tables- they sold out in a minute and thirty four seconds.  I managed to get one, though- and I'm sharing it with :iconthe-vanity-light:
Anyone else going?  It's in seattle WA, early april.

I'm a total idiot, though.  I've never even been to a convention and I'm jumping right into artist alley at a big con D: I mean wtf whyyy am I so stupid.

starting violin.  Gosh, do I make terrible sounds !

In other news
new trimester ! That's bad, I don't think my best friends are in any of my classes. D: D: not that many are in them now-  PE and science start, my least favorite subjects, and art drops off.


my permanant art teacher [which I'll have third tri for drawing class] came in 2 weeks before the end of the try.  And I started to hate her.  The first day.

DID I ALSO MENTION SHE CAN'T DRAW?! DO YOU HATE ME KARMA. Why did you make me so excited for drawing, and then killed me by making ME better than my drawing teacher? WHAT. THE. HELL. She SUCKS. You should have seen her try to draw portraits. pffft. sob. sob.

Perhaps I shall transfer into pottery or something 8U

Rest in peace, :icondeanie425: ! :'C
Happy early birthday, finch face !
Thanks for the sub, pyrinea ~!
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